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Cloudbreakr Premium gives you the clarity, control, and collaborations you need to excel in influencer marketing. With data analytics, it helps you to take your brand to another level.


Search over 10,000 Influencers across Southeast Asia, no matter you are looking for fashion stylist, beauty bloggers, sport lovers—whoever you need to take your brand to the next level.


Choosing the right Influencer for collaboration requires quantitative analysis. We provide you with sufficient information and data to enhance your decision-making.


Create your campaign on Cloudbreakr and invite your own choice of Influencers. We also help you to manage their responses and quotations at a glance.


Real-time monitoring of particular influencer’s post and learn about what others are saying about your brand.

How it works


Sign up a business account

Create a Cloudbreakr Premium account. (It’s 14-days free.) Browse influencers by location, identities, interest, social media, followers.


Create campaigns

Looking for influencers? Create your campaign on Cloudbreakr and invite your own choice of influencers.


Make a match

You'll be introduced via email to influencer when you clicked invite. Then you get notified when influencers clicked Interest.

More you should know

Direct Search

Having a specific Influencer in mind? You can directly search by name and check out the performance metrics

Multiple tag filters

There are 100+ search tags you can use to find out the right influencer whose social media content matches with your campaign objective.

Campaign Status

Check out the latest status of your campaign and easily manages responses from Influencers.

View History

Cloudbreakr keeps track of your latest browsing history and shows recently viewed Influencers so that you can get back to them anytime.


Create your dream list of Influencers by saving up your desired influencers using our Bookmark function.


Not sure which Influencer is better? Cloudbreakr Premium provides you with straight-forward data analytics that save you the hassle to crunch numbers yourself.

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